Community Groups

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Where Friendships Are Formed


Through Community Groups, we can experience true fellowship.  In true fellowship we are able to form meaningful friendships, not just acquaintances, but true meaningful relationships. 


We all need people who we know will be there when the chips are down.   Not only do we need meaningful relationships in the tough times of life, but we also need connection to other believers to celebrate the good times in life.  Life is much, much sweeter when we have people close to share anything life may throw our way.




Why Join A Community Group?



The Community Group ministry exists to provide community building and care as people form meaningful friendships; Biblical equipping as we journey together through God’s Word; accountability as we share life experiences; and faith development as we experience the power of prayer.




In a Community Group, you can:


  • Connect with others at Skyline.
  • Develop Life-long Friendships.
  • Encourage One Another.
  • Build Spiritual Maturity.
  • Just Have Fun!!


Develop Your Relationship With God

Community groups not only provide a sense of community, but they also encourage spiritual growth. At Skyline, we define spiritual maturity as continued progress in three vital relationships; reaching up to God, reaching out to others, and reaching out to the community. Maturing believers grow in community with one another, spending time together, and encouraging and supporting each other through life.