June 9, 2018 @ 12:00 am – June 16, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
Stephanie Galetti


LIGHTHOUSE MISSION:  Lighthouse Family Retreat (LFR) serves families living through childhood cancer by creating environments on seaside retreats where they can rest, restore relationships, experience joy and find hope in God.

PURPOSE:  LFR exists to shine the light of Christ’s love to families living through childhood cancer.

WHERE:  Destin, Florida area

Do you feel called to serve others?
Do you want to help families whose child has been living through cancer?
Do you want to make a “forever difference” in the lives of complete strangers? Do you want to do it all at the beach next summer?

Together, Skyline families can do this!

We will serve the Retreat Families, those living through childhood cancer, in many ways during the week of the retreat. We want to create an environment where they can leave the worries of childhood cancer behind them and rest, restore their relationships, experience joy and find hope in God. We will do this by taking care of and serving all of their meals and watching children while parents enjoy a time called Common Ground. We will clean their homes, and do their laundry, so that we can free them up to enjoy time with one another. A week at Lighthouse is exhausting and fun! As a Family Partner, our job will be to ensure that families receive the best retreat experience possible. Family Partners will work hard, play hard, pray hard, and build lifelong relationships. Family Partners commit to a week of prayer and service, while joyfully participating in each retreat environment. Each Family Partner family is paired with one Retreat Family. While LFR tries to keep the ratio of one family to another, they sometimes have to assign more than one Family Partner unit to serve a Retreat Family. This information, as well as who we will be rooming with, and what teams we will be serving on, will be given to us once we arrive at the beach.


  • $100 per family deposit at the time of registration/application to serve
  • Total commitment to raise or personally give a minimum $1200 per adult over 18,

    $750 per teen age 13-17, and $250 per child 12 and under. The average cost to provide the retreat, free of charge, to families living through childhood cancer, is $5,000 per family. Our fees cover that opportunity.

  • We will provide our own transportation to and from the retreat (it is an approximate 11-12 hour drive to the Destin, FL area, and carpooling is probable.)


  • It’s Florida, in the summer, so it’s going to be HOT! Most of the togetherness and worshiptime occurs “under the tent” outdoors. While the tent is covered, and fans help to circulate air, it can be quite hot at times.
  • The properties where the retreats occur are beautiful, beachfront resort properties.

    However, some retreat families will be housed in condos a short distance away from the tent and/or the beach, so there may be some walking back and forth as you serve your retreat families throughout the day and/or engage with their children. There is usually a shuttle available should one be needed.

  • Retreat families are provided the best housing opportunities to make their stay as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. To accommodate this, Family Partner families are usually paired up in condos, with each family guaranteed their own bathroom and sleeping quarters, but with shared common areas. Also, while adults serving are guaranteed a bed, children are not, so it is encouraged that families bring sleeping bags, or air mattresses, to allow their children the most comfortable sleeping experience. While these conditions sound tough, most family partners wish to return for subsequent years and rave about their experience and opportunity to serve the families attending.
  • LFR would prefer family partner children who are attending to be at least 4 years old (to best be able to have the ability to put others first, before themselves, and to be able to entertain themselves while their parent(s) assist in other duties, as needed.
  • If you’re not ready to serve at LFR, but would like to help financially support this domestic mission, please see Kirsten Ober or Stephanie Galetti for more information! An informational meeting will be available in the coming weeks to answer any questions, and to provide more about this amazing opportunity for our church to share our Faith, and our Hope, while serving our “neighbors” through LFR.

    For further information on Lighthouse Family Retreat, see their website:


    As a family who was blessed enough to attend in June 2014 as a Retreat Family, Stephanie Galetti can attest to the power of this opportunity for partner families and retreat families alike. For her, it was the turning point that made her decide to join a church again, and the desire to serve others, as her family had been served. She is a 35-year survivor of childhood cancer, herself, and her son, Rhys, is now in remission from his cancer, and continues to do well. Both of her children still rave about their experience at Lighthouse, sing its signature song, and can’t wait to “come on down, come on over, come on in to the lighthouse.. a place where God’s light shines, shines on everyone….” If you have any questions at all about the LFR experience, please don’t hesitate to pull her aside and ask her!